Comedians participate in election battle [Archives:2006/976/Local News]

August 28 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 27 ) The well-known comedic actor Adam Saif denied that he is intending to publish a tape of propaganda for the electoral campaign of the candidate President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saif is famous as his Dihbash personality and he says he is preparing a work tackling a number of social and family issues and woes, but they have nothing to do with the elections.

Meanwhile, the Office of Culture in Taiz carried out a campaign of storming and searching at a number of stereo and recordings shops to prevent and confiscate the latest work of the popular artist Fahd Al-Qirbi titled “Opponent of the People.”

According to some owners of recordings shops in Taiz some people from the Office of Culture entered their shops accompanied by soldiers from security. They searched their shops and warned the owners against selling Al-Qirbi's recordings. The cassette contains ten songs criticizing the present regime highlighting issues of corruption while one of the sons propagates for the Joint Meeting Parties presidential candidate Faisal Bin Shamlan.