Comment on Jennifer Lowenstein’s article [Archives:2005/900/Letters to the Editor]

December 5 2005

[email protected]

I don't think you will publish this letter, because it does not follow your philosophy.

I am writing this letter just to point out what a typical Israeli would probably think of Jennifer Lowenstein's article.

Here it goes:

Jennifer Lowenstein, even though she was born Jewish, is worse than the individual Arab Palestinian suicide bombers that perform their dastardly deeds.

The suicide bombers don't know any better. They are egged on by their leaders and peers to become suicide bombers.

Jennifer Lowenstein, however, should know better than to write such a vile, incitefull article. It seems like she is being paid by Iran, Hizbolla, Hamas or Islamic Jihad. If I were a young Palestinian living in Gaza, I also would want to become a suicide bomber after reading her article and not knowing any better.

Was the plight of the Palestinians not orders of magnitude worse in one month of the 1970 “Black September” by the King of Jordan, than in the past 5 years, of the Palestinian Intefada, by Israel? Where were the international journalists then? How about the many Arabs killed in Syria by Hafez Hassad? How about the Arab insurgents, from Syria and Iran, killing Arab Iraqis in Iraq? Is killing of millions of Arabs by Arabs in the past 25 years (don't forget Muslims killing Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war Saddam killing many Shiites) not worse than killing of militant Palestinian Arabs by Israelis? If the Israelis are so monstrous and evil to the Palestinians Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, how come over one million Israeli Arabs are citizens of Israel with a higher living standard than many Palestinian Arabs living Gaza, the West Bank and even in the neighbouring Arab countries? Those countries that never even made their Palestinian Arabs citizens of their countries?

Many more Palestinian Arabs have been killed by militant Palestinian Arabs than Israeli Arabs killed by Israel in the past 5 years.

Jennifer Lowenstein should write articles about how to achieve peace in the area, instead of incitement and hate. Houses and Material things can be replaced, Checkpoints can be removed, prisoners can be released, and even the “wall” can be removed. But tragically the over 3000 Palestinians and over one 1000 Israeli dead cannot be brought back to life.

The Arab countries, in the Middle East, have been lucky to have a strong Israel to protect them from each other.

Instead of praising Jennifer Lowenstein, you should praise Sharon for taking the painful step of ethnically cleaning Gaza of all Jews. He did that at the peril to his own life and political career. He is the only Israeli leader that is strong enough to do that, since he really was the one that started and the proponent the settlement movement for 30 years.

Now he will wait before taking any additional painful steps, until Abbas take the first step he is required to take under the Road Map peace plan that he signed. President Bush will support Sharon in that, since he also experienced terrorism, with 9/11 and the terror now caused by the Arab insurgents in Iraq. I am sure Bush wished he had a “wall” around Iraq to protect Iraqis and Americans from the insurgents infiltrating from Syria and Iran.