Commercial courts needed [Archives:2004/733/Community]

April 29 2004

By Fahmia AL-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

The Ministry of Justice concluded a 2-day workshop last week to discuss the impediments and obstacles that the commercial courts have been facing. The workshop took place in the Higher Institute of Justice.
In the opening ceremony Mr. Adnan Umer Al-Jefri, Minister of Justice, delivered a welcoming speech in which he promised that the Ministry will have a plan in order to activate and develop the commercial legal system in the country and expand its activities.
He also pointed to the importance of organizing this workshop, as it represents the importance of meeting the partners of the Ministry of Justice, who are interested in commercial justice either in the private or public sector, to discuss the obstacles that commercial courts have been suffering from as well as to discuss the solutions and suitable suggestions to develop and implement the legal system.
He also mentioned that providing an efficient and honest justice system is important to achieve development and build an appropriate investment atmosphere.
The Minister also mentioned a group of mechanisms and tasks related to improving the commercial courts, especially in providing the judges, who should be specialists in commercial cases, besides inventing commercial courts and building a strong management structure specialising in commercial cases, as well as using updated means and computer networks in this field.
The Minister also encouraged the participants to benefit from all the ideas and suggestions that come up, and that such fruitful recommendations and decisions certainly would develop the commercial courts' job and help them meet the changes and circumstances Yemen lives in and through.
Judge Mohammed Abass Zabara, the Deputy Minister of Justice, also delivered a speech in which he pointed out the importance of commercial courts as the main bases to attract and bring investors to Yemen.
He displayed a number of executive procedures that the Ministry has adopted, such as preparing detailed programs concerning improving the commercial courts and reorganizing the departments and branches of the commercial courts, besides continuing the training of judges through organizing a number of workshops.
He also mentioned that the commercial courts had got more attention since the First Conference on the Judiciary and was considered one of the priories of the Minister of Justice.
Then the participants started to discuss the paper submitted by the Ministry of Justice, which included the foundation of the commercial courts in Yemen as well as a number of cases related to the field of justice.
A number of interested bodies, banks, private sector, the lawyers' union, businessmen, chambers of commerce and industrial unions, along with a number of specialist academics, participated in the workshop.