Committee formed to defend al-Hilah [Archives:2005/880/Local News]

September 26 2005

SANA'A Sept. 22- A number of social personalities and activists in political, social and human rights areas called for the formation of a committee to defend Abdusslam Ali al-Hilah, a Yemeni who was kidnapped by the Egyptian authorities in their territory, during his visit to an Egyptian company in Sept. 21-2002.

The committee, which is made by human rights activists, will be responsible for the following up on the procedures of al-Hilah's case until his release is secured.

Himiar Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar (MP) who is al-Hilia's classmate and close friend was appointed to chair the committee. Mohamed Shayef Jarrallah, a Shura Council member and Sheikh Abdulkarim Qasim (MP), will aid al-Ahmar.

The Egyptian authorities claim that they handed al-Hilah to the US authorities immediately after his capture, which have detained him in the US Bajram Air Base in Afghanistan since then. According to Egyptian sources, the victim was later on transferred to Guantanamo Pay.

The Committee authorized Lawyer Mohamed Naji Allaw to coordinate its works along with Ms. Rahma Hujaira, Head of Yemeni Female Media Forum. The committee has also appointed Eng. Ali Hussein al-Ansi, Sheikh Abdullah Jubran al-Farz'e, Zeid al-Jamra, Lawyer Abdurrahman al-Hilah, Dr. Yahya Faz'e and Samir Amer as an executive team for the committee's activities.

The committee launched the first of its activities in an event Thursday Sept. 22, marking the passage of three years since the kidnapping of al-Hilah. The event was staged in front of al-Hilah's house located in Zaid Bin Sultan Street in the capital city of Sana'a.