Conclusion of second workshop on societies law in Taiz [Archives:2004/772/Local News]

September 13 2004

A second workshop was concluded on Thursday 2nd September at the hall of Taj Shamsan Hotel. It aimed at raising awareness on law of the national societies. It was organized by the Cooperative Social Care Society under the auspices of Mr. Abdul Kareem al-Arhabi, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and financed by the Social Fund for Development, in the participation with 36 male and female trainees representing 12 societies of the 72 targeted societies of different districts in the Taiz Governorate. This second workshop was inaugurated on August 31st 2004 in presence of Mr. Abdo Muhammad al-Hakimi, General Manager of Social Affairs & Labor Office of Taiz Governorate, where he urged the male and female trainees to be interested in reading the law and its implementing rulings. He clarified that many of the societies are not effective and are considered as dependants on their proprietors, as there are fifty active societies in Taiz out of 500 ineffective ones.
The workshop was conducted by Mr. Hadi Saeed Abdo, Executive Director of the Cooperative and Social Care society as well as by a number of experts.