Concpiricy theory [Archives:2005/847/Letters to the Editor]

June 2 2005

Why is it when a country, whose government is not looking after their citizens and tolerating inhumanity to perpetuate, is reprimanded, they always have to blame somebody outside. You said Mr. Information Minister of Sudan, that your government is ABOUT to do something, since when, when will you actually ACT on it. Christians or not, I believe many people who have seen the suffering of the people in Darfur have much much more concern than your government for your dying citizens, I know because I have seen it and cannot imagine how your gorverment is more concern on rattling comments and blames to other groups than doing something. Our faith teaches us that true religion is taking care of the poor and the widows, that is why we try to push the issue so the suppossed CONCERNED group will IMMEDIATELY ACT on it, we are doing it not in the name of religion but of LOVE AND COMPASSION toward the less fortunate.