Condemnation letter to US embassy [Archives:2003/626/Local News]

March 10 2003

The Yemeni General Students Union (Sana'a University) last week sent condemnation letter to the American embassy in Sana'a expressing their refusal for US policy towards Arab region and the world in general as well as their declining for any military attack against Iraq.
The letter came after Union failure to lead the mass marches that get out of the solidarity festivals that Sana'a University organized causing closure for all streets leading to the US embassy on March 2, 2003.
The marches changed their route to the Iraqi embassy and the Union submitted a letter to the Iraqi embassy supporting the Iraqi people against American arrogance.
Yemen witnessed mass marches in thousands last week condemning US plans to wage war against Iraq to change its regime and shape the Arabic region map again that fits American interests and its greediness.