Conference for Saving Al-Quds started [Archives:2005/901/Local News]

December 8 2005

SANA'A, Dec. 4 – The 4th Conference of Al-Quds Trustee Board and the 2nd Meeting of World Networks working in Jerusalem started last Sunday in Sana'a. The conference focused on saving Jerusalem from the challenges and threats on its existence and identity.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussien Al-Ahmer, Speaker of the Parliament, delivered a speech on the occasion and warned of attacking Jerusalem or implementing any Zionist plans that aim at wiping out the Islamic heritage of the city. He added that such dangerous acts would stir up conflicts among religions and would ram the entire area to a devastating conflict. Sheikh Al-Ahmer mentioned this conference would initiate a new step to integrate and coordinate the efforts of those concerned with Jerusalem cause.

On the other hand , Sheikh Yousof Al-Qaradawi, Chairman of Al-Quds Trustee Board, called for providing more entailed lands for Jerusalem in all Arab and Islamic countries, and that Islamic scholars should adopt such a project for the sake of Jerusalem. He also called for upholding Palestinians in their resistance against Zionism.

Mr. Ali Akbar Muhtashmi, vice-Chairman of Al-Quds Trustee Board, stressed on the importance of uniting efforts to stand before the Israeli occupation. He called on the Islamic nation to stand united and gather their courage and assist the Palestinians.