Conference of Arab Women Union to be held [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

SANA'A, Nov. 28)The united conference of the Arab Women Union will be held next Thursday and Friday in Sana'a, with delegates from Arab states, civil community organizations, Arab League and United Nations organizations. Ms Ramziah Al-Eryani, head of Yemeni Women Union, stated that the conference will deal with many topics that aim to create a new prospective to rise the role of woman, support her abilities, and activate her role in different fields. A preparatory committee has been formed to arrange for the conference and prepare the documents to be discussed. The committee includes Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

On the other hand, many delegations participating in the conference arrived in Sana'a. Chairwoman of the Syrian Women Union Sua'ad Bakur said in a statement to Saba Agency that she looks forward that the Arab woman would be united through this conference, adding that this conference would represent the opportunity for exchanging experiences and would help in making an Arab strategy, such as the head of the Tunisia delegation Ms. Kheiriah who stated that she would review successful experience of the Tunisian woman in various fields during the conference.