Conflict in Sa’ada resumes [Archives:2009/1227/Local News]

January 22 2009

By: Mohammed Bin Sallam
SA'ADA , Jan.22 ) Tensions between Houthis and the government have resumed in several districts, particularly in Dhahian, Bani Mu'ad, and Mahdha, according to tribal sources.

The sources said that the new military sites that the army set up during the last few years created a tense atmosphere between the two sides in the areas located nearby the sites.

The sources said that soldiers deliberately block roads outside checkpoints to check citizens and identify them, thus allowing citizens proved to have no relations with Houthis to pass and intimidate Houthis.

The online website, mouthpiece of Houthi leader Abdul Malek Al-Houthi, reported that groups of military forces deployed in the areas of Bani Mu'd and Mahdha opened fire at random towards citizens and killed citizen Mohammed Haidar.

A release issued by the Houthi office said that Haider was hit with a bullet to his head and was left bleeding until he died, as the army prevented citizens' vehicles from approaching to save his life.

“Military groups attempt to control lands ad properties of citizens in the area