Congratulation Yemen Times & Dr. Ramakanta [Archives:2008/1213/Community]

December 4 2008

By: Eng./ Ali Kahtan
[email protected]

During the past fruitful tenth years since the education supplement was added to the various fields of our lovely first Yemeni English news paper (Yemen Times ), any one like me who was & still eager to read these well presented supplement pages as well as the rest valuable pages should sent a very hot congratulations to Yemen times publisher & editor- in chief & Mr. dr. sahu to their distinguished efforts to make from these educational pages a very simple & priceless way to spread & increase the level of knowledge between the newspaper readers weather they are students or professionals it was a good & happy news to be published all tenth years lessons at one Booklet to make it easy for any one looking for more knowledge in order to get more benefits to many readers who wish to Yemen times permanent success inside & out side Yemen.