Congratulations but after what?! [Archives:2006/962/Reportage]

July 10 2006

Fatima Al-Ajel
[email protected]

Graduation day is a dream for every university student. For four years they see each batch celebrate their graduation and imagine themselves in that enviable position. However, students face a difficult time as they prepare for the celebration. At the same time as the students make arrangements for graduation, they have to prepare for their final exam. Students from the University of Sana'a narrate their experiences and show the difficulties and the stress they face as a result of the carelessness of university's staff.

Usually two parties are held for graduation day; the Academic festival, which the university's management arranges, and the music party, which the students organize themselves under the care of the university. However, students say that the university doesn't support them in organizing the festival.

“We organized our party without support from the university staff so we spent days looking for a hall and collecting money for the requests of the party. As a result, we didn't attend many lectures”, Jamel AlNajar, the representative of the English students in the faculty of Education said. “The support from the youth manager in the college was only about 10% percent, only 30 thousand YR for every batch of students; I didn't receive any material support from the college organizers. They say you have to do the party under the care of the university, but when we asked them to support us, they replied that there was not enough support available” Jamel added.

Moreover, Abeer Al-Sarei added that “I knew that the Academic ceremony was free, but I was surprised when they told me to pay one thousand YR for the academic party.”

“We earned these congratulations ourselves. The majority of the audience in any graduation party is unaware of all the troubles and difficulties that the organizers faced to make it successful.” Samar Jameel M. Al-Saker the responsible student for the preparatory committee in the translation college at Sana'a University commented. “From my experience, as the individual responsible for the preparatory committee of our department, the major problem we faced was that none of us had enough experience in this field, so we had problems writing the letters asking for sponsorship money from companies, which was necessary for the party to be a success.

The reactions we had from different companies varied; some of them refused our application politely, and we respected that, but other companies treated us like beggars. Some businessmen proved that there are still generous and understanding people by receiving us kindly and listened to our needs.”

Mohammed Saeed Modhesh said about the problems he found, that the students were uncooperative and very demanding. But he found out that it is difficult to please every one, and he believes that knowing this fact will help him in the future.

Abeer Al-Madeh, the cultural representative in the committee, explained that the most difficult situation she faced was gathering everyone together to make a plan for the program, before the day of the party, as well as creating new ideas to make the party special.

“It's hard to know the things which will please the audience so I had to make some decisions at the last minute, for example to omit or add parts to the program. I know it's tough and sometimes it may take a strong character, but it has given me courage and self confidence.”

When asking Dr.Ahmad AlQyadi, the youth leader in the Education College, whether the organizing staff allow students to hold their party inside the college, he said: “We allow students to make the music celebration inside the hall of the college, instead of having to hire a hall, which costs money. It is as a kind gesture to the students. However some students reject the idea of having the party in the hall of the college, so they look for venues used for weddings and other similar occasions. This way they lose a lot of money.” When asking him why students have to pay money whilst the academic party is free, he replied that students have to contribute to the cost of preparing the extra things that they need, like the cost of the music group, flowers and other extras.”

“We prefer to have the party outside the hall of the college because the securities wouldn't allow us to enjoy our festival. Whatever we want to do is not allowed. We will not do bad things, especially since our guests are our families and friends” Samer commented. “I think we are grown up enough to be responsible for our actions” she added.

While Raja`a Jaber commented that “we did our celebration in a big hall outside the college, even though the organizers of the college's ceremonies advised us to hold it in the hall of the college. However we were a party of about 250 students, and all of us wanted to invite our family and friends, so we rented a hall which was suitable and big enough for us.”

New experience

“Now I have good experience and knowledge of how to deal with all sorts of people kindly and wisely; also I learned how to work with others in a team. There was no difference between boys and girls, all of us stood on the stage and received our certificates equally” Bador Hanthel commented.

“The party was great and full of excitement, although I didn't feel that I was a graduate on the day, because I spend most of my time behind the scenes, supervising the program and the checking details. I also benefited from this experience, by learning how to be patient and how to make relations with others, which will be important in my career.”

He said about the party that it would have been better if the students were more helpful and organized.

“We faced a huge challenge and most of the time felt depressed, but what made us satisfied was that the party was a success and now because of it, we have had a good experience, which will help us in our careers.” Samia Al Wajeh commented.

Finally, congratulations to every student who worked hard and suffered till he achieved his dream. Thanks for every student who put his country in his heart and mind, thanks for those who take care of their study and leave their touch in their country. Thanks to the future leaders.