Continue fighting qat [Archives:2004/799/Letters to the Editor]

December 16 2004

Rashid A.Abdu, M.D.
[email protected]

Your recent editorial on qat is full of insight and truth. In 1981, in a report to the Minister of Health, Dr. Mohammed Al-Kabab, I articulated my concern about qat and its dire effects on Yemen and on its people. You are absolutely right, qat robs the country economically by taking precious water, and the land where once coffee plants grew. Most importantly, it robs the citizens of precious time, which they can use to educate, to produce, and to remain healthy.
Qat advocates argue that if you outlaw qat, a larger evil will take its place, like drinking alcoholic beverages and other “sinful” ventures, which are against Islam.
Please continue on your crusade and hope for a better and a more enlightened tomorrow. God bless you.