Continued from last week Review of Yemen 2001s Major Events [Archives:2002/03/Law & Diplomacy]

January 14 2002

Faruq al-Kamali
Mohammed Ben Sallam
– The Civil Aviation & Meteorology Authority signed bilateral air transportation agreement with the Republic of Italy.
– Yemen and France, signed in Sana’a an agreement to follow-up the implementation of some projects funded by the French government.
– Yemen won two golden medals and one bronze in the Asia competition for Gymnasium held in Iran.
– Gold, copper, and lead were discovered in Wadi al-Malahi in Shabwa.
– Republican decree No. 23 of 2001 concerning the by-law of the Ministry of Local Administration was issued.
– Cabinet approved a loan agreement between Yemen and the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development for upgrading Sana’a International Airport totaling 28 million Kuwaiti dinar.
– Cabinet also approved a loan from the Islamic Bank for Development for funding the construction of a polytechnic institute at the cost of $ 9,235,000.
New Ambassadors were accredited in Yemen. These were:
– Yousef Abdulah Al-Unnaizi, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the state of Kuwait,
– Robert Truz, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea,
– France Michael, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the kingdom of Belgium,
– Dr. Nur Azman bin Mohammed Nazir, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the Federation of Malaysia,
– Frances Gay, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the United kingdom,
– Mark John, Ambassador plenipotentiary of Korea,
– Masameswa Oki, Ambassador plenipotentiary of Japan,
– Ibrahim Sahim Ansar, Ambassador plenipotentiary of Sri Lanka, and
– Christian Richard, Ambassador plenipotentiary of Madagascar.
– A new water field was discovered in Raydah, Radfan area,
– International Atomic Energy Agency funded five projects in Yemen amounting to US$ 1,314,000 to be used for pacific nuclear energy purposes.
– Hassan Saleh Shehab was awarded by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism for writing several books on Yemen.
– Abdullah Ali Al-Sunaidar, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, announced a Yemeni-Saudi agreement to establish a joint holding company.
– Elements of the women police started working at the Sana’a Airport.
– The parliament gave the vote of confidence to the government’s agenda.
– European Union allocated EURO 4 million to encourage Yemen to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).
– Yemen was elected a member of the UN Economic & Social Council.
– The World Bank principally agreed to grant Yemen a US$ 52 million loan to be used for funding the rural roads network and another loan to finance a project in Taiz City for containing the flood disasters.
– European Union (EU) allowed the entry of Yemeni agricultural products to the EU countries without any restrictions.