Corpse Found & Father Kills Son [Archives:2000/31/Local News]

July 31 2000

Workers digging at the site of a new building found a well-packed and welded barrel which they believed to be holding a treasure. Security sources in the Capital Secretariat found the barrel to be containing a decomposed body of an unknown man. Investigations are going on with the residents of Al-Khair and Al-Sallam streets in Al-Sanina zone; particularly with the welders.
Meanwhile in Amran Province a father killed his son as a result of dispute on his marriage. The son beat his father who, in turn, stabbed him to death.
In Sanban area of Dhamar Province a person killed his father and two of his brothers in a dispute over land heirship. This month’s crime statistics show a considerable rise in murder and accident cases in all governorates mainly in tribal areas.