Corruption in the Yemeni banks [Archives:2006/908/Letters to the Editor]

January 2 2006

Eqbal Sayyani
[email protected]

Thank you for writing a daring article on the corruption and specially in the Watani bank. The embezzlement of yr14.8 billion is a great amount. Actually, the Central Bank of Yemen should have acted a long time ago, when the first embezzlement, started before 3 years in the Aden branch. Who knows, maybe the establishers of the bank, who raised their objection, to the president, may have their hands in this big take.

If they are not allowed to travel abroad, maybe the big amount siphoned abroad can be brought back. I think the story of the BCCI is repeating its event again. The law should take firm steps since the prosecutor's office has taken the action.