Course on situation of Yemeni women [Archives:2005/804/Local News]

January 6 2005

In coordination with the Woman National Committee, the Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) held a course on the situation of Yemen Women.

The course was attended by a number of representatives and activists from civil society organizations.

Mr. Ezzaddine Sa'eed Manager of the HGITC pointed out that such a meeting which coincides with the first day of 2005 conveys to the mind that woman is the foundation stone of the society.

He added: “The most challenging problems we face in civil society and women organizations is keeping silent, so, we have to break this hurdle and get rid of it.

Mrs. Houria Mashhour, Deputy Chief of the National Committee for Women noted: “I feel happy that we welcome the new year with course on the situation of women in the nice city of Taiz.

“In our today's meeting, we want to shed light on the national report about the situation of woman in Yemen, ten years after Beijing's Conference which was organized by the National Committee for Women,” she added. “Moreover we pledged to prepare a report according to the international criteria in terms of classification and dealing with women-related issues, including poverty, education and violence against women.

These are the criteria in the light of which the UN wants countries to prepare reports with high clarity and transparency.

Mainly the report deals with the issue of poverty as its indicators in 1998-1999 make it clear that this phenomenon forms a serious challenge for the development of Yemen for decades to come.

The report pointed out that poor women constitute the suffering segment in the society.

Concerning health care, the report emphasized the provision of health services for women in spite of numerous challenges related to this area.

The report also focused on the provision of deliverance emergencies to help lessen the mortality rate among mothers that is to bring it down to 75 cases per 1000 births.