Coverage on Madrid bombings [Archives:2004/724/Letters to the Editor]

March 25 2004

Silvia A.

Why didn't you inform to the population about the attacks in Spain. You speak of freedom of press. Spanish people are really sad. We have always supported the Palestinians and Syrians, economically and morally. We have always been the bridge between the Muslims and the Occident. We lived together for 700 years in peace. Part of our language has Arabic words. In our schools Muslims and Catholics are together.
We have the biggest mosque in Europe. Spanish people never supported the war. I don't understand why they kill in the name of god. I think we have the same god but this god tells me not kill and love the others. I hope that in the future we will be able to live all together and tolerate different religions and ideas, GOD will help us.

Dear Silvia,
Please check edition number 720, where the main story is about the attack.
)The Editor