CSCDT organizes events in Taiz [Archives:2004/771/Community]

September 9 2004

The Cultural and Social Center for Development and Training organized on August 31st a night for poetry and short story recitations, in cooperation with French Dia organization. A number of young poets and short story writers participated including Amin Al-Duba'I, Na'aim Mohammed, Ayoub Hassan, and Hamim Mohammed.
The event was enriched with interventions and discussions on regular (amoudi) verse and its influence. Sawsan Al-Adimi said the aim of the activity is to display the talents of youths, and encourage them to produce creative works of poetry and short stories.
On the other hand, the center, financed by Dia, is organizing a two-month training course on beautification and cosmetology, starting from mid August.
Director of the center, Hana'a Ahmed Abu Taleb, said the course is to train female participants so that they can improve their lives.
The Center trains women to get professions and skills in order for them to conquer poverty.