CSSW Honors Former UNFPA Representative in Yemen [Archives:2004/759/Local News]

August 29 2004

By Yasser Al-Mayyasi
Yemen Times Staff

The Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) held an honorary ceremony for Mrs. Bettina Maas, the former UNFPA Representative in Yemen, on the occasion of the completion of her tenure. A group of government officials and representatives of UN agencies in Yemen attended the ceremony. Dr. Tariq Sinan Abu Luhoom, CSSW Chairman, welcomed and thanked Mrs. Bettina Maas for her efforts in supporting NGOs in Yemen, and particularly for serving the CSSW in the fields of sustainable development and health.
In a statement to Al-Thimar magazine, Mrs. Bettina Maas said: “I consider the partnership between the UNFPA and CSSW is productive and effective.”
She expressed her appreciation of the good work being performed by CSSW in fields such as reproductive health, family planning, women's empowerment, and HIV/AIDS control.
The former UNFPA Representative in Yemen indicated that she had had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities implemented by CSSW in various fields, adding that the cooperation between the UNFPA and CSSW was a distinguished model of working with faithful social organizations. “This cooperation was reflected recently in UNFPA global publications in which these publications indicated that there is a program called working through faithful organizations.” CSSW deserves this title, Mrs. Maas said.
CSSW Chairman presented a certificate of appreciation to Mrs. Bettina Maas in recognition of her excellent and sincere efforts in supporting NGOs for more than three years of her tenure in Yemen.