Curse to Democracy [Archives:2006/1008/Letters to the Editor]

December 18 2006

Mohamed Saeed Al-Dub'e
[email protected]

If Democracy means killing, rape and abduction so curse to democracy what is happening now in Iraq as something dreadful. Iraq has been completely destroyed by sectarian violence caused by U.S. and other territorial parts. This news is known to everyone, but all of us needs to find out the solution for this crisis.

In my opinion and through my review to history, Iraqis are well known for their harshness and love for rebellion and the history narrates that whoever rules Iraq must be hard and cruel or he will not be able to rule Iraq.

As Abdul Malek bin Marwan said in 13th century, his famous statement, “No one for Kuffa but Al-Hajjaj.” So I confidently say no one for Iraq but Saddam. Saddam is the only solution for Iraqis.

I know Americans want Saddam to take rule of Iraq, but they are afraid of the international opinion because the only reason for their invasion for Iraq was to liberate Iraqis from dictatorship of Saddam what later discovered to be merely false and they only came to Iraq searching for their interests in the region.

I advice americans to handover power to Saddam and every thing will be solved.