Dancers on “Saint Bush” composing [Archives:2006/937/Opinion]

April 13 2006

By: Atif Awad
Three years have passed since the advent of “Saint Bush Junior” into the land of Babylon and his seizure of all its land, people and wealth. The question here is: Do those who propagated his principals and the message with which he was sent to the Iraqi people still have the same faith and content with his message?

Following the shedding of innocent Iraqi blood in a process similar to the devil's concert, Iraqi women, children and aged men became unsafe even in their bedrooms. It is not safe for a widow to go out looking for food for her children who recently lost their father. Even an aging man is not safe to go look for his wife's body among the dead. Iraqis have lost safety since “Saint Bush,” his disciples and followers came to Iraq. They have lost security and all facilities preserving their humanity. Water and electric services have stopped even in Baghdad. Drinking water has mixed with sewage and citizens can find no other alternative to it for their children.

Are the dancers at Saint Bush's ceremony and his disciples who believe in the Western message with which he was sent to the savage Arabs and to the Iraqis in the first place still propagating his message and kneeling at his sacred alter? During these three years, Iraqis have experienced all sorts of abuses and crush of humanitarian values in Abu Ghraib, U.S. and British prisons.

So, we again ask Iraqis who support the U.S. and keep deceiving themselves, as well as all Iraqis and Arabs via their high-tech media and satellite channels: Do you still have the same faith in salvation at the hands of messenger Bush and his European, Zionist and U.S. disciples? Wasn't it they who said Iraqi people's salvation from their oppressors would not be without the help of peaceful prophet Bush and that Iraqis will get rid of their dictatorial regime and make Iraq a great civilized haven? Wasn't it they who said that at Bush's hands, Iraq will be a model that is going to be envied by all Arab nations?

Do those Arab and non-Arab missionaries still insist on their deception and fear? Iraqi unity has disintegrated. All factions are calling for separation. Each Iraqi ethnicity is calling from the temple and altar of Bush, demanding a separate land. Every sectarian or separatist Iraqi is a result of Western teachings that Bush and his disciples have issued. How long will the West turn a blind eye to the invaders' crimes in Iraq? Civil war in Iraq is the worst scenario that can happen to Iraqis. Thanks to Saint Bush, who made this a feasible possibility, and thanks to Bush's supporters who will not stop their support until they see Iraq totally demolished.

Atif Awad is an Egyptian journalist and short story writer residing in Yemen.