Dar Al-Sallam Cultural and Social Organization A call against violence and revenge [Archives:2004/720/Local News]

March 15 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Dar Al-Sallam Cultural and Social Organization, in a letter distributed to various media organizations on 12 March 2004, called on the High Arbitration Council to support action against violence and revenge and to promote the spread of forgiveness, culture and peace. The organization has asked for assistance in the recognition of the third national campaign, through the distribution and laying down of eight hundred guiding signs, related to the awareness of the results of carrying and misusing arms. The letter states, “Since the phenomenon of carrying weapons has weakened society, scattered its resources, distorted its reputation as a civilization, threatened its security and stability and increased the number of revenge, violence and hostilities cases, the organization contributes to the reduction of this phenomenon by increasing awareness among the public”.
The first phase will be inaugurated on 20 March 2004, by distributing the guidelines signs starting from the Sana'a Secretariat and going through all governorates of the Republic, accompanied by several carnivals, art exhibitions and plays.