Dead babies for Zion [Archives:2004/778/Letters to the Editor]

October 4 2004

Carole Ward
Santa Fe, New Mexico
[email protected]

I'm getting pretty good at predicting Israeli tactics – I've got the “who” and “what” and “when” portion down to a science – it's the “where” I keep muffing.
I predicted a 9/11-type catastrophe just after the Durban conference…. I knew they needed to change world headlines from “dangerous Israel” to “evil Islam”….
And when the AIPAC spy scandal broke, I said – uh oh, somebody's going to be cleaning up baby body parts real soon…. but where?
I predicted the American Southwest, or the Northwest because each are important demographics necessary to the country's resolve in the war on Islam. Islamic terror in Seattle would have cleaned the clocks of the anti-war left.
But back to AIPAC ) Who sent whom what message?
I don't know, but the resultant dead children for Zion was a spectacular show of why Jews dominate media.
I am impressed.
It was a brilliant choice of victims, superb timing for George, and a significant body count, insuring, new, very public demands for the extermination of 'radical' Islam, with radical Islamists being those who dare to fight back.
I am not deterred, however in my assessment, Jews will self-destruct in this environment of total largesse.
Face down in their cr'me fraises, so to speak. Jews are terrible losers… but they are frightful winners.
The way you defeat the Jew, is to make them hate you so much, they self destruct, revealing a uniquely bloodthirsty ardor for revenge – on not just you, but former employers, or childhood friends… hell, they might even kidnap the first born of your third grade English teacher.
Resistance is futile. We have been assimilated.
All we can do now is get out of the way and observe the downward spiral of Jewish success and excess.