Death of a Saudi Causes Chaos in Aden [Archives:1999/26/Local News]

June 28 1999

The Saudi citizen, Tal’at Hamid Saeed, 26, died last Monday in the Mansura Prison, on the 21st of July 1999. Citizens in the area accused the police forces of killing the man, although the medical examinations disagree with that accusation. Tal’at had been arrested by the police with two of his Saudi friends, Othman Hattan, Ali Al-Ga’oon, for being drunk. Based on the report of Dr. Fuad Al-Qahiri, who examined the body after it arrived at the hospital, the death incident seemed to be normal, and this is what the general Saudi Consul in Aden, Sulaiman Al-Aqeel admitted. The doctor also indicated that Tal’at was already infected with many diseases before his death. These diseases included infection in the lungs, ulcer in the stomach, and liver problems. Due to the results of the medical examination, the doctor has been ordered to re-examine the body to make sure the symptoms are correct. The deceased’s body will be transported to Jeddah after all examinations are complete.