Death, the final arbiter for teachers [Archives:2005/868/Reportage]

August 15 2005

By Abdulwahab Alsofi
[email protected]

To be honest and loyal teacher, preventing students from cheating in the exam's hall, death is the final arbiter. We, as teachers, should rather die than live while allowing ourselves cheating our society. This is what exactly had happened to a teacher in Hodeidah city during the last final examinations process in the last academic year. It is a sample for all. It is a tragedy story by which we should learn an important lesson.

While he was performing his duty, students crowded round him in the exams hall and abused him, because he did not allow them to cheat. They were very rude, but he managed to keep his temper. Yet, he went back home in a very bad mood as his wife described. What made the matter worse; he was again abused and even hit on the next day. As he was insulted among his colleagues of teachers, his heart could not resist the shock, and directly had a heart attack among his students, who continued their exam cheating, as they wanted. The teacher died and was then taken to his house where his wife and four could pay him the last tribute.

What surprised us was the attitude of education office in Hodeidah city that kept silent about this crime, as if he were just a dog died in the street, not a teacher. What a cool blood they have!!! Educational managers do not care for teachers or students' interests. They don't care about good teaching or good learnng by students. The ministry of Education never translates its sayings into actions. Cheating during exams at schools is widely spread and constitutes a bad manifestation.

To establish a strong new generation, we should develop Education. Some of the most important aims of Education are to build up Yemeni learners able to face the future and create a productive society based on civilized awareness away from barbarity and fanaticism. Administrative deterioration that plays a main factor in backwardness of education in Yemen, leads to an undeveloped Yemen. To take care of teachers, we should reform our educational administration first. The teacher is the pivotal factor in education process. He is also considered as remote control of this administration at schools. That is why, it has the ability either to spoil teacher or to activate him/her for better performance .This matter appears clearly during students ' examination 's period which is considered a season of profit for many manipulators in Education .Therefore, examinees are accustomed to come to exams' halls without studying their lessons well, ready to pay for cheating . What is regretting is that sincere teachers are always the victims of those bad practices. On the other hand, some teachers kill thousand of students slowly. They uproot what other teachers have sown. They teach their students bad behaviors. Because of that, the majority of our students suffer from proper educational and cultural. This is because some teachers have no live conscience and even have no ability to teach. These are reflected on the learners' standard of learning directly. Cheating habits in our schools extremely weaken the level of education in Yemeni schools. Some people do not have the same idea about how students are greatly influenced by their teachers. Teachers and education administrations have great influence on the students. The teacher who is well-trained and properly prepared for his job can notice keenly personal and social problems. Those are affecting the students and perhaps offer them some forms of helps and relief. He can do much to make students aware of their own basic values and teach them how to develop them. Unfortunately, teachers – like true artists – are born not made. They must get high appreciation from the society .They must be encouraged for better performance. Then they must have talent to begin with and then would be polished by proper instructions by sincere and qualified management. Great care must go to choosing those who will become teachers holding the responsibility for preparing learned students. There would be no improvement in the education process as long as aspects of deterioration in education institutions continue.