Defending Samir’s Cartoons [Archives:2004/774/Letters to the Editor]

September 20 2004

Z Alshameeri
[email protected]

I am so disappointed by the letter sent by one of the readers criticizing Samir's cartoons, however I believe that every one is entitled to their opinion.
I personally think that Samir's cartoon section is a most liberal section that reflects the origin and the extent of the problems faced not only by the Palestinians but the whole of the Arabs.
Perhaps the writer of that letter doesn't understand that the Palestinian problem is not solely a Palestinian problem, but rather it's a predicament for the whole Arabs and even the whole Islamic nation. The Yemenis are part of this great Islamic body and if a part of this body is diseased than the whole body suffers.
Every one knows (except those who chose to be ignorant) about the crimes committed by Israel. Trying to cover these crimes has become like trying to cover the sun with a thumb. The words have become powerless and ineffective in describing the crimes committed by Israel who is supported by the US and therefore cartoons and photos are a last (and unthreatening) resort. Can you believe that the blood of the Palestinians has become the price of the Americans Presidency? No president would be elected without satisfying the American Israeli lobby and that's why the US is the biggest, if not the only supporter, of the Zionist sate.
Israel and America have more than enough media organizations to promote their policies. They twist words, silencing the cries of victims, disfigure the truth and distort the facts, but to their dismay truth will always prevail. The last thing we need is someone to sink to the level of their deceptions. Rather what we need is a truthful pen that explores the myths and clears the facts.
I personally think that this is the least thing Samir Can do.
To me, Yemen times without Samirs cartoons is a paper without any value.
May Allah guide us to be just and to the right path.