Defining freedom [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Troy Campbell
[email protected]

Regarding your editorial published in issue 631 in which you use rhetorical questions about freedom to claim that Iraq has not been freed, I would like to say the following.
First, although I find serious flaws in the logic of your editorial, I am very excited about its general theme. Many of us here in the United States of America, me included, have serious doubts about whether the Arab world understands freedom, that it is as alien to them as Americans in Baghdad.
Your editorial confirmed to me that at least you personally do not yet comprehend it, however, I mean no disrespect, I don't expect you too to disrespect my opinion. What I find hopeful is that you are asking the question!
By asking the question, even if it was only done as a rhetorical device to make the point of your editorial, you have become a citizen of America (Again, I mean no disrespect).
We here in the United States have been asking 'What is Freedom?' for over 200 years. We believe that we have some discovered some amazing answers to that question, answers that have permitted us to pursue life, liberty and happiness in unprecedented ways.
We don't have all the answers however. We still have flaws and failures. Many of which you seem only too ready to remind us. Thank you. We are listening and hoping that in your quest to discover freedom that you will find that often loyal friends, and true friends, sometimes have flaws and failures.
What is freedom? Let us ask it together.

Dear Troy,
Thank you and all the other readers who provided us feedback on the material of the YT recently.
We should like to reiterate what the Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union aptly remarked on this theme: “One does not deliver (the message of) freedom on a Tomahawk Cruise Missile”.
)The Editors