Denmark’s planned first mosque receives no international attention from Muslims [Archives:2006/1000/Letters to the Editor]

November 20 2006

The Islamic League
[email protected]

In launching its fundraising campaign for Denmark's first mosque, the Islamic League, a mixed group of primarily Arabic, Turkish and African associations, had high hopes for Muslims worldwide to contribute to realizing Denmark's first real mosque. However, until now, this hope has been in vain.

It was expected that some of the attention directed toward Denmark due to a Danish newspaper publishing the blasphemous depictions of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) last year would help create media attention in the Muslim world, which would lead to widespread public support for the building project.

Although a large number of news media were contacted, it seems none wanted to carry the story of the first mosque to be built on Danish soil.

As a weak minority on their own, Danish Muslims face a hard time in making the mosque a reality.