Developments in the Mohamed Adam Omar Case: Body’s Inspected, and… Identified [Archives:2000/24/Reportage]

June 12 2000

At the fourth hearing last Monday in the courtroom of the Sana’a court of appeal, the technical team assigned to examine the morgue presented its report.
The team included: Dr. Qassem Aqlan, specialist in Forensic medicine and toxicology, Dr. Abdullah Al-Raqimy, gynecologist, Dr. Abdul Hakim Abdul Salam, orthopedist and Dr. Hussni Al-Jawshai, anatomist.
The report indicates the following:
1- The team found six bodies in the morgue. All were of male persons who died in the accident involving the Saudi Bus. These did not relate to the case of the serial murderer, and the former morgue assistant, Adam Omar.
2- The team examined all available body parts in the dry basin and the other ones filled with Formalin and found the following:
i) Bodies of two women who died long ago. One of the bodies was intact and the other one was partially anatomized.
ii) Two male pelvises. Their tissues were found to be not torn.
iii) Four bodies of old men whose tissues had been torn in anatomy classes. These were kept at the dry basin.
iv) A 15.5 X 12.5 cm skull base with the cervical vertebrae and 9 thoracic vertebrae likely to be those of a woman.
v) Two similar legs which have been chopped from the ankle joint likely to be those of a man.
vi) Two female legs chopped from the ankle joint.
vii) Three left legs, all chopped from the ankle joint.
viii) Right and left hands with red paint on the nails. One of them is 13 cm and the other is 12.5 cm long.
ix) Five skull bases, relatively old, likely to be those of men.
x) A scalp with African brown blonde hair.
xi) A complete female hand which was clearly exposed to violent external contusion at the elbow joint and wrist joint.
xii) Two right legs of women chopped from the ankle. One is 21 cm and the other is 23 cm long.
xiii) A recent skull vault of a woman. From the marks of Hematoma on its services it was clear that it was exposed to violent external contusion.

The team examined all the morgue basins and found the following:
1- A left kidney of an adult.
2- A liver, abdomen, left lung, right kidney all of a young boy.
3- A brain that has been chopped into two parts.
4- A right lung with windpipe, diaphragm, right and left kidneys belonging to the same person. The kidneys have been cut by a knife inappropriately.
5- Small intestine of a child.
6- A big recent abdomen with the big intestine. It was difficult to know if they belong to a male or a female.
7- Two livers with some parts of the large intestine, one big liver, parts of kidneys, 5 lungs: 2 right and 3 left. All these have been there since a long time for educational purposes.
8- A number of body parts which were there for a long period for educational purposes.
9- A recent esophagus.

The technical team separated the parts that were suspected to relate to the case for further examinations.
As far as bones are concerned, the team found the following:
1- A recent pelvis with part of the lumbar vertebrae and part of the backbone of a 20-year-old man.
2- A recent single left pelvis bone of a female adult.
3- A recent single left pelvis bone of a female adult.
4- Two recent femurs of an 18 year-old girl
5- Two recent femurs of an 18 year-old girl
6- Three recent pairs of bones
7- Three recent leg bones, two of which are of a woman and one of a man.
8- Three chemises whose sex was difficult to determine.
9- Five different humeruses, three of which were of a left upper arm and the others were of a right upper arm.
10- Three recent left scapulas of a female
11- A recent right scapula of a male.
12- Four recent bones, difficult to tell the sex
13- Six recent fibulas, difficult to tell the sex.
14- Three recent ulnas with marks of burns. It was difficult to tell the sex.
15- Fresh bone of a woman.
16- A man’s bone with marks of burns
17- A calcaneum with marks of burns
18- A recent bone
After the examination of the morgue, the team came out with the following conclusions:
1- The bodies and parts found belonged to both sexes which refutes the sexual motivation unless the accused is a homosexual.
2- The body parts found belonged to people of different ages.
3- The burning marks found on some of the recent bones indicated that the accused burnt some bodies to get rid of them.
4- The number of victims reported by newspapers is not the real number of the victims.
5- Some similar parts were disappearing.
6- No records were available to know the exact number of bodies coming into the morgue in a legal way.

Jalal Al-Shara’abi