Dhafeir Tragedy [Archives:2006/915/Letters to the Editor]

January 26 2006

Peter Swinn,
pwswinn@net tech.com.au

My wife and I were able to enjoy a short holiday in your country earlier this year. We appreciated the friendliness and help of everyone with whom we had contact. We have spoken to many about the beauty of the country and encouraged them to think of visiting it sometime in the future.

We would also like to thank the Yemen Times for its wonderful news pages on the internet. We have enjoyed being able to keep up with news and events, and also learn more of your country's history.

Now we write to express our sorrow at the devastating landslide which has hit the Dhafeir Village. We pray for the families and friends who have been bereaved, for those who are injured, and for those seeking to assist following this accident. May God provide comfort to you all at this time of sorrow, shock, and devastation.