Disappearance of University Girls [Archives:2000/03/Local News]

January 17 2000

Disappearing girls has become a worry to many families that want their girls to study. This phenomenon has remarkably spread over the last five years especially among university students. Victims are often kidnapped either by force or seduction. Some people assume the identity of security men and force girls to go with them. Others are taken away by luxurious cars owners that they can not stand their allure. We have heard many stories of this kind. For example in this year one girl was found killed near the Presidency Palace, two girl students were kidnapped by a luxurious car owner in Al-Sitteen Street. Recently, we have heard about an Iraqi girl who was kidnapped forcibly from the Faculty of Medicine by people holding security cards last December.
Some people accuse playful men of carrying out such acts while others accuse security men. What is worse is that Security authorities in Sanaa do not raise a finger to stop such phenomenon.
In a telephone call the Yemen Times talked to one of the officers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who said that kidnapped girls were not kidnapped, but in fact, they were taken away with their own will. In other words, they go with men by themselves either because they love them or because of other personal reasons. He also said that our society can never approve such events even if some people try to pretend to be security men because if a man tries to kidnap a girl all people happen to be on site will hurry to help her. At the end he confirmed that what had happened to the Iraqi girl was not a kidnapping incident but rather a disappearance by her own will.