Disappointed [Archives:2006/917/Letters to the Editor]

January 2 2006

Don Barrick
[email protected]

Why is it that the Yemen Times refuses to print more moderate messages that would tend to encourage people to work together to try to politically pressure extremist politicians? Why does the YT not give full, well-rounded arguments demonstrating all sides of an issue? Why is it that the YT has reduced its publication of rational people and instead given voice to more radical, hate-mongering, misguided individuals who do more to fuel hatred? Is that the Islamic way? I was told it is not – by a YT writer. However, more and more of your commentary would seem to argue that point.

I am disappointed.

Dear Don,

We welcome any articles and opinions, as we seek balance. If you feel we do not have space for more moderate articles, you are mistaken. Please feel free to forward any constructive opinions and you will see.

The Editor