Discrimination against Yemenis [Archives:2006/943/Letters to the Editor]

May 4 2006

By: Abdul Wali Ahmed al Khulaidi
[email protected]

I am writing this letter to you hopping to take it to consideration.

In my way back to UK from Sanaa by Emirates airline via Dubai, strange and un acceptable event happened to me and other Yemenis who are traveling to China via Dubai.

The transit visa that allows us to use the hotel outside the airport was rejected only for the Yemenis.

Almost all nationalities have managed to get the visa. This unacceptable event from the airport security had put us in a miserable and stress situation, and forced us to live in alternative hotel inside the airport, very expensive and we had to pay from our pocket.

Even though I have a British visa, but unfortunately I could not get their visa, this simply because I am holding a Yemeni passport.

This act generally not acceptable and the Yemeni Government should deal with this situation, that one thing the other thing all Yemeni passengers who are traveling by Emirates should be informed that they will not get any visa from the airport and as result they may suffer, so taking other airlines will be advisable.

Please take this letter to consideration because of its important.

Greet and long life Yemen.