Disunity of the Muslims [Archives:2007/1022/Letters to the Editor]

February 5 2007

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

An American journalist, Paul Roberts, replying to my email writes, “But the reason why Bush and Israel get away with it is the disunity of the Muslims. If the Muslims were unified in Iraq, instead of fighting one another, Bush would already have lost his army. If Egypt and Pakistan couldn't be purchased with US dollars, Israel would be history.”

Though it's our common observation that one often does not see himself doing something wrong but other people watch him carefully. Same is the case of Bush and his allies that whatever they are doing on the pretext of war on terror is being witnessed by the whole world but not by them. Resultantly, the so-called war on terror, I believe, has not lost but found its exact direction now having been aimed to disarm the nuclear Muslim countries whether it's Iran or someone else. If Iran were to be attacked, then Pakistan's turn is not far off. Therefore, it's time for our leaders to put the derailed train of their foreign policy on the right track or else the sign of the war wind has started blowing towards Pakistan too when US asserted that Osama is in Pakistan. Simple declination does not work as made by President General Pervez Musharraf. Dr AQ Khan's file is still on the US table though we have closed it. The issue could be raised again anytime to make a groud for justification to wage war against Pakistan. Here goes a saying, “When heart is willing to say/do something, then it finds thousands of WAYS otherwise thousands of EXCUSES/REASONS.” Bush has been seeking ways to overpower the INS (Islamic Nuclear States) while the rulers of the respective countries are looking for excuses to avoid head-on collision.

Last but not the least, Pakistan People's Party is still there though its founder, late Zaulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was executed in late 70s; Bath party is also there though Saddam was executed last month and according to US writer, Micheal Rozeff, terrorism will continue even if Osama bin Laden dies.