Documentation needed in Yemen [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

Under the motto, Documentation is the Nation's Memory, the 3rd training course in documentation and archiving started May 10 at the Yemeni Club for Information & Technical Education, YCITE and will last for June 1.
The Social Development Fund employees are to take part in the course.
“The course aims basically at promoting information technology in Yemen in general in order to gain IT necessary skills and capabilities for the benefit of the employees working in archiving,” Mr. Mohammed Ali Rajeh, the General Manager of the YCITE declared. This also will enable them to perform the archiving works efficiently in order to achieve a highly sophisticated system in those institutions.
Holding and organizing such training courses will also prepare the way for the trainees to be fully equipped theoretically as well as practically in order to:-
– Have an access to the required documents.
– Support the decision making as a result of availability of information, and documents.
– Provide costs of keeping files and documents.
– Gain control of heaps of input and output documents.
– Handle documents and files within the institutions itself.
– Keeping the safety of those files.
– Put an end to heaps of documents and files.
In order to get on with the information technology, well-qualified cadres and eminent professors took part in the course.
Those include, Dr. Zaki Hussien Alwardi, the Chairman of Library, Documentation & Information Department, Sana'a University, Dr. Mohammed Ali Rajeh, the General Manager of the YCITE, Dr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Manager of Training and Rehabilitation of the YCITE.