Don’t rely on the West [Archives:2005/817/Letters to the Editor]

February 18 2005

Nabeel Albadany
[email protected]

I read your article about journalism in Yemen, and how bad the situation is now for journalists these days. Let me say this, first I am not a journalist (I am a pharmacist), but I can read the facts. Have we ever enjoyed a real freedom in Yemen as citizens of that country, have we ever lived a descent life in that country. I am one of millions of Yemenis living abroad outside my home land, we are all suffering being away from our families and friends, simply because we have such a tremendous energy as youth and we could not utilize it in our home land, so we fled away to other countries to utilize our energy, knowledge and experience (each in his/her field).

What do you expect from a system that work hard to give the people of the land a very hard time instead of working hard to make life easy for them. I do not want to say any thing more than that because you know better that I do..

You also mentioned the “western” countries, and that they are not doing their share in protecting journalism in Yemen. I have never believed that the west (including America) are a democratic countries, never, never…and what is happing these days all over the world proves that.

All what matters to these “Western countries” is their interest, and only their interest. Now America is adapting a new law …”with me or against me”, block or white, my way or the high way as the Americans say. So brother, do not rely or put so much hope on the western countries. Let's do it ourselves.