Don’t trust present US government [Archives:2004/725/Letters to the Editor]

April 1 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

I quote your article “Dr. Al-Zindani is concerned that the accusations may harm the United States' relationship with Yemen and the Muslim world.
“I am concerned because I do not want the relationship between Yemen and the United States to be affected negatively in this way”.
When will the leaders of Yemen finally understand that the present US administration is not to be trusted? Stop and think who is running the US! It is Perle, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld. Months ago, the FBI arrested a Moslem cleric US Army officer for treason. After months of torturing this Muslim officer, they finally admitted he had done nothing wrong. They knew that he had done nothing wrong in the first place. The arrest was simply a terrorist action against Moslems. The people of Yemen had better begin thinking about joining political forces with Spain and the rest of Europe. Better to ride an old camel for a month than to board a fast train on a broken track.