Don’t you care for Iraqis? [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Henry Yanez
Detroit, Michigan, USA
[email protected]

I have just finished reading the editorial by Mr. Walid Al-Saqqaf entitled “True freedom” and I have to ask those questions: Are you kidding me? Were the Iraqi people better off under Saddam than to “suffer” under this “false freedom” brought by the U.S and U.K? On my TV, I saw pictures of people kissing soldiers and tearing down statues chanting “No Saddam”! Where are the pictures in your paper? Why aren't you telling the whole truth?
If the Arab world cares so much, why did it stand by all these years while the Saddam regime oppressed and tortured your Arab brothers and sisters? Could it be that you don't really care about the Iraqi people? Maybe you liked the idea of being associated with a powerful Arab leader. Or maybe it was the way Saddam spread his money around. Money he stole from the Iraqi people.
Yes, it's true that some in the American power structure will try to profit off of this war but rest assured that many American's are watching and expressing our concerns about this with our government leaders about profiting on the blood of innocent people and American and British soldiers.
Your readers should know that the average American citizen does care about the rights of all people to choose their personal and political destiny. Many of us believe in a strong Middle East peace which includes a free and independent
Palestine. We are the home to many Arab people, especially here in the Detroit area, mostly Iraqi (and Yemeni as well) and few want to return to Iraq. They are a vital part of our community and they enjoy the freedoms that America gives them and Saddam didn't.
A good newspaperman will question everything and I appreciate the concerns of Mr. Al-Saqqaf but if he and all Arabs want to help the people of Iraq the rhetoric must stop. It's time for actions of substance. Not with guns but with butter. As we say here in America, it's time to step up to the plate Mr. Al-Saqqaf.

Dear Henry,
Continue working on your strong belief in a peaceful Middle East, in deed and not just in words. The Palestinians (and the rest of the Arab World) would be highly appreciative.
)The editors