Dr. Hamdani: Harmonizing ambition & intellect [Archives:2004/801/Letters to the Editor]

December 23 2004

Farouk Al-Dorafi
Sana'a, Yemen

I would like to convey through the Yemen Times my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ahmed Hamdani, Chairman of Al-Wattani Bank, whose ambition and intellect have helped make tremendous progress at the bank. Respectful treatments of clients, trustworthiness, and punctuality are just a few of his qualities that have made the bank on of the most reputable in Yemen and abroad.
His intellect and clear directives have helped the smooth running of the bank and the introduction of the cards system increased customers' ease of use.
While I have highlighted the performance the ingenious chairman, banking is not a single-man job. The chairman with his cooperative staff, particularly the diligent banker Dr Thaer, have succeeded in making this progress possible.
He has shown wise and kind treatment to alleviate the problems of debtors. Unfortunately not all the bank's staff are this amiable, and I would like to remind the chairman to keep an eye on people who may somewhat hinder some of his fine efforts to enhance the reputation of the bank and that may obstruct the pace of progress and modernization.
I wish him and the bank the best of luck in the future.