Dr. Shams on Abyssinia not confident [Archives:2004/760/Letters to the Editor]

August 2 2004

Tsega Hillina
[email protected]

I truly appreciate the opinions of Yemeni, Eritrean or Ethiopian commentators.
Zeru has put forward good comments to put Dr Mohammad at a mildtruck. However, he does not seem to be confident to articulate his points.
He has a promising beginning in his opening paragraphs, though I would contest his concluding paragraph. I am afraid that he is more influenced by charlatan historians and propagandists in his last paragraph, whose vocabulary has already faded out after claiming a tragic loses on all fronts of life. I am afraid, that his objective is to stress differences rather than similarities in the Horn of Africa. It would probably be better to sense diversity, which can occur even within a small entity. We have had enough of conflict caused by primordial sentiment, while we were all shelved by the developed nations under the same box, poor Africans.
I feel more ashamed when unsure charlatan historians like Zeru tend to be new architects of differences among the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea agitating new bloodshed!
My brother, think rationally about whether these peoples have benefited in their half a century era of protracted conflicts!
Learn from the experiences of UK, Canadian and US history, among others, if diversities were not managed. I am not at all objecting to straightly seeking political solutions to political problems. It needs to be carried out further for sake of stability. Nevertheless, I don't see the logic to undermine the binding cultural and economic threads that are mutually useful for a sustainable future! Hardening the past is out context in the New Millennium.
I urge every concerned Ethiopian and Eritrean not to meddle in trivial differences. Let's draw essential lessons from our past so as to meet a better future. Our pressing problems are not one proliferation of conflicts but reducing tensions!
Stressing prejudices and artificial differences did not liberate us from relief aid!, despite our pretences. Let us envision better! Calling upon differences is not the solution for our pressing needs!