Draft for Arab Arbitration Law [Archives:2002/39/Local News]

September 23 2002

Dr. Banadar Bin Mohammed Aal Saud, Chairman of the Saudi Arbitration team, stated in a press conference held on Sept. 16, after the conclusion of the Fourth Arbitration Conference was that the Arab Arbitration Union which held its first meeting in 1997 at the Arab League, aimed at gathering Arab legislators together.
He said although the Arab Arbitration Union was established to settle Arab issues, but there still some Arab countries insisting in requesting foreign interference in their conflicts.
Dr. Bandar added that the Arab Arbitration Union is providing different consultations and assistance for the Arab arbitration centers in different issues.
He said one of the recommendations of the conference is issuing the Arab arbitration law. He described the conference as the best and successful conferences held by the Arab Arbitration Union. “The main issue of the Arab Arbitration Union is to establish a bridge of confidence between it and the Arab businessmen and traders and the Arab Union has no objection to solve political disputes”. Dr. Bandar concluded.