Dubai’s success secret [Archives:2005/818/Letters to the Editor]

February 21 2005

Ali A.
Dubai, UAE

Thank you for your kind words about Dubai and the U.A.E.. I am a U.A.E national (originally from Yemen)..It is true that leadership is so critical in the UAE achievements. But I will also point to something even more critical in the success of this country and that is the absence of religious extremism. There is tolerance for other people's religions, customs and lifestyles. It is called “live and let live”, so sure people will be smiling and happy. But if they were in other countries in our region where there is religious madness (even if there is wise leadership) they will never be happy. Since hateful Imams and Islamic groups will make sure that no one smiles, drinks, swims or do anything that will make them enjoy life…So, for any other country that wants to copy this country, they would have to open their hearts and minds to other religions, cultures and lifestyles and realize that the world is really “one family”..