Due to lack of insulinDiabetics’ lives put at risk [Archives:2005/860/Local News]

July 18 2005

TAIZ- Diabetics from different classes in Taiz Governorate experience a constant suffering and their lives are put at risk due to the lack of insulin.

These diabetes sufferers used to take the insulin medicine from health and population offices for free through cards dispatched to them on a monthly basis.

A well-informed health sources told the Yemen Times the latest quantity of insulin was dispatched to al-Jumhouri Hospital. The quantity, offered to the hospital two months ago, comprises 165 vials for 422 patients.

Diabetics usually go the hospital for insulin and can not get any due to the limited quantity and this threatens their lives.

The same source stated the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Aden-based Regional Office intend to dispatch a considerable quantity of insulin containing 1000 vials to be distributed to different governorates.

Only 200 vials will be the share of Taiz Governorate for 4000 diabetes sufferers and al-Jumhouri Hospital will receive 50 vials for 422 diabetics while the remaining sufferers will fall prey to the epidemic.