Dutch Higher Education Program [Archives:2004/797/Community]

December 9 2004

The Government of the Netherlands assistance to Yemen is one of the most effective and pronounced donor aid to Yemen's development efforts. The Dutch Embassy is well known for its active presence in several major and minor development projects ranging from municipal sanitation to electricity and water. But the Dutch government also pays attention to important non asset accumulation projects that are just as important to Yemen's development. No where is this more apparent than the Dutch assistance to the higher education sector. With its two major programmes, the National Fellowship Programme (NFP) and the Netherlands Programme for Institutional Strengthening of Post Secondary Education and Training Capacity, known as the NPT for short, the efforts focus on enhancing the human resources development aspect of the development process through both fellowship arrangements for Yemeni post graduate students and in the areas of institutional strengthening and capacity building for the various government and academic institutions that are involved with higher education. The Yemen Times, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Royal Netherlands in Sana'a is pleased to present an overall view of Dutch support to the higher education sector, viewed from different angles.