Dysfunction in local governance performance [Archives:2005/866/Local News]

August 8 2005

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Findings of a field inspection program revealed flaws in the performance of some of the local councils and their administrative bodies, in fifteen governorates. This is discovered in the fields of levying taxes, following systemic procedures when carrying out projects or implementation of plans and budgets. There is also poor performance in supervising authority performance.

Abdulwahab Al- Ghradhi, deputy minister for the financial and local sponsorship in the Ministry of local governance said that, their ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance carried out the program last May. The program revealed that the levying of local recourses in some of the administrative systems is carried out without formal receipts or sometimes with old receipts. They also found that coordination was missing between financial offices and the accounts units in governorates.

The program was carried out by 115 of the officials of the ministries of finance and local governance.

The field program team toured 15 governorates and 30 districts. It concentrated on the regularity of the meetings of the local councils and the procedures that are taken against absentees. It also explored however, emergency meetings are ever being held. They also looked into the administrative practices of the local councils, pursuant to the authorization that is entrusted to them by the local governance law.