East and west [Archives:2006/928/Letters to the Editor]

March 13 2006

John Kepler
[email protected]

Arab writers are difficult to understand. Their logical processes tend to mirror that of a petulant teenager being dened their latest demand for instant gratification!

First, dealing with the “de rigeur” focus-group rhetoric. The history of the so called “Occupied Territories” happened because numerous Arab States launched a pre-emptive war against Israel and then lost. Losing a war generally has consequences. To use an “Americanism”, “If you can't pay for the peaches, don't shake the tree!”. Get over it!

Second, if a Palestinian State is so desperately important for “Middle East Stability (yet more of the focus-group rhetoric), why don't Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon redraw their own borders and pony up some turf of their own? If it's such a small price for Israel to pay for “Palestinian/Arab Dignity and Justice”, why are the neighboring Arab States so reluctant to contribute their own “pittance” as well? Is the irony in the current Arab view, that the only possible location for a Palastinian State is on land conquered by force of arms from fellow Arab States by the Israeli Army, lost on all of you? From my desk, the only people that have been willing to provide the “Guns and butter” to create a viable “Palestinian State”, are the Israelis!

Perhaps the “solution” to the issue of a Palestinian State is for the Israeli Army to fuel-up their tanks and aircraft, and capture enough land from its reluctant Arab neighbors to create a viable country!