Economic expert Dr. Altarib: The government should resign [Archives:2005/862/Local News]

July 25 2005

In an exclusive press statement from Jordan to the Yemen Times, the economic expert Dr. Abdulaziz al Tarib a well known Yemeni economic expert, commented on the recent demonstrations in Yemen that the outbreak of the people is a new event but it was not organised. He explained that the reason behind this outrage is that the government raised the price of fuel before raising the salaries. He called the salaries strategy a failure and the Central Bank of Yemen's policies were behind the manipulation of currency exchange rate increase. HE President should deal with the issue immediately through introducing enhancements and accepting the resignation of the government. If the government did not resign willingly it must be forced to resign especially minister of economy and trade, and minister of interior for the loss of lives due to opening fire on the citizens. The administration of the CBY should be forced to resign also for the deterioration it has caused the local currency.

Simultaneously while the parliament talks about increasing their own reserves they should focus more on the needs and requirements of the people.