Education of 3000 students disturbed because of schools’ closure [Archives:2007/1085/Local News]

September 13 2007

TAIZ, Sept. 9 ) Over three thousand students studying in five schools in Taiz started their academic year at home. Their schools were closed down causing their parents, over 200 individuals to hold sit-in in front of the governorate building in Taiz earlier this month. They protested against the decision made by the chairman of the local council in Al-Caherah district regarding closing these schools. These schools are O'mar Al-Mukhtar, Nusaibah, Al-Noor, Amar Bin Yasir, and Al-Ez Bin Abdull-Sallam.

The closure behind five schools in Taiz was explained by the overall closure of schools that had not been originally established as schools for formal education affiliated with the Ministry of Education.

The protest was resolved when the members of the parents' council reached to an agreement with the local council in the governorate as well as the district's local council. They agreed on investigating the problem along with its causes, forwarding a report on the results as well as the suggested solutions to be implemented so as not to deprive 3000 male and female students from receiving education this year.

However, some of the parents said that the main purpose behind closing these schools is that they are named (Scientific Institutes) and controlled by Islah party since then. They are closed to reduce the partisan exploitation practiced by some members of the Islah party.

Ali Al-Wassabi, one of the parents, said, “There is no any justification for closing these schools. These schools are administrated by competent staffs and they are much better than any other schools.””

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