Eid in Taiz [Archives:2002/50/Reportage]

December 9 2002

Eid always comes on time. Like a guest, it comes to bring happiness for few days.
With the beginning of the first day of Eid, early in the morning the breeze of the air changes as the sky foretells the days to come are to bring happiness to the people.
Early in the morning, the voice of the children gives life to Eid days, just because it’s children can truly enjoy Eid to the fullest.
Children draw a beautiful pictures of Eid, in which they put on new clothes, and a big smile on their faces when getting money (Eidia) to buy whatever they want, especially games.
The first place children think to visit are the gardens. In Eid, a large number of children play in the gardens with friends. Though there are just two gardens in Taiz, and it lacks many entertainment places, children find it sufficient to enjoy Eid in nonethless.
Generation by generation, in Yemen people keep their traditions to visit their relatives and friends, congratulating the coming of Eid. The family members traditionally gather to have lunch, and to chew qat in the afternoon. Many families take the Eid days as a chance to celebrate the wedding parties to enjoy two Eids.
People in Yemen are accustomed to spend Eid in the countryside.
It’s during the whole year, the countryside misses its people who are in the city, but in Eid, it takes revenge from the city that it leaves it somehow empty where there are only few families.
In the evening, people spend their nights at homes, leaving the night alone as silence capture it. That’s why the first night of Eid is called the orphan night.